Tips to Use a Standing Desk Correctly

09.09.20 09:29 AM By customer

Many (mostly) office workers suffer from complaints or at least lack of exercise. A standing desk that can be adjusted to standing height can help in this case. But remember, the proper height setting of such a desk is very important, only then you can get all its benefits well.

Adjust Height of Your Standing Desk

 The correct desk height when standing is based on your height, i.e., the height to your shoulder joint minus the length of the upper arm. The following test is can also be applied while setting the table height while seated.

Stand close to the desk and in an upright position, i.e., straight back, and make sure that you put even weight on both soles of your feet. Again choose the setting with which you achieve the most relaxed state of your shoulder and neck muscles. The forearm either rests horizontally on the desk, or it falls slightly towards the wrist. Please note: The angle between the upper and lower arm should not be less than 90 °.

Our tip: Use a footrest while standing up and shift your weight regularly from your right to your left leg. That relieves the back! When standing, people like to have a "standing and a free leg." We rarely stand on both feet with even weight distribution.

Please consider: Just sitting and just standing is unfavorable. Instead, frequently switch between the different positions, your back will thank you in a timely manner.

Intermediate heights

 When using standing aids or saddle chairs, intermediate levels of sitting and standing can also be used. Each variation means a different load and, thus a change for your spine.

 The inclination of the desk top of standing desks

In general, flatter desk tops are more suitable for writing, while steeper desk tops are more suitable for reading. Standing desks are, of course, ideal, the height, and inclination of which you can adjust as appropriate.

Determination of the standing desk height 

When determining the correct standing desk height, if there is a sloping desk surface, proceed according to the following "rule of thumb": Stand upright and with your head in a natural position in front of the standing desk, clench your fist and hold it under your chin. Now check whether two or three fingers fit between the elbow and the desk top. If this is the case, you can assume that your standing desk is set at an ergonomically sensible height.

General information on desk use

Even if you have now optimally adjusted your desk ergonomically with the help of our tips, you should still use every opportunity to leave it.

Get up as often as you can. Why not make the next phone call while standing? Get moving at every opportunity. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Arrange your lunch break so that there is still time for a short walk with colleagues. Stretch, straighten, and straighten yourself more often during work. Because every movement improves well-being.

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