Advantages of using standing desks at work or in daily life

03.09.20 05:51 AM By customer


If you work on your laptop/computer from 9 to 5, you probably already have suffered or (God Forbidden) will suffer from back problems or back pain. Why? Sitting for too long daily is extremely Dangerous for your health.

It doesn't only cause Back pain but also is the main reason for weight proven by multiple studies. Chances are you might be reading this article while sitting as well!! However, the solution is here, Standing Desks.

                                                                          What is a Standing Desk?

SOLOS Standing Desk

A standing desk, or also known as a stand-up desk, is a technologically advanced desk that allows you to work on your laptop while standing up.

Even though these advanced desks are in their early forms, many companies have already put out very innovative standing desks that tackle many problems you face while sitting all day long.

What are health problems eliminated by using Stand-Up Desks? Read further to know.


1) It Boosts your energy level: 

Let's start from the basics, sitting on the chair for too long often causes laziness and frustration, which eventually leads to a low productivity rate.

Try a Stand-up desk once, and there is a high chance of working on a high productivity rate. A study shows that the employees working on Standing desks have a much higher energy level than those who work on normal desks.

2)It Reduces the back problems at a drastic rate:

It's not a hidden fact that sitting on a chair for too long often leads to back pain, and if you are already suffering from back problems, using a standard desk can cause some permanent severe damages. However, using a standup desk kills most of the back pain risks caused by sitting for an extended period.

3) Standing desks might save you from Heart Problems:

 Sitting for a longer period of time directly impacts your heart, Scientists that suggested this in 1953 also now claim that the chances of getting heart disease rise to 147%. On the other hand, Standing and walking have an opposite effect on your heart.

4) Surprising effects on Blood Sugar Levels:

Stand-up desks have Positive effects on your heart and Blood Sugar Levels. A study was conducted on an office employee in which half of the workers sat down right after lunch while the other half worked while standing up. The employees that were standing had better results of blood sugar reports compared to the other half.

5) Reduces chances of Weight Gain:

Standing and walking burn more calories, which prevents weight gain since you are burning more than gaining. Standing while working can surprisingly be more beneficial than you think. A study conducted on a group of employees shows that workers who stand more often while working burn 10x more calories as compared to those who chose to work while sitting on the desks. Even though working out is still the best way to lose weight, standup desks can definitely support it in the process.

The list of advantages that comes with the use of standup desks is very long; also, the standing desks are the future, and staying updated can never go wrong.

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